Baring it all on the True Brazilian


Most ladies don’t think twice about having a bikini wax done, but mention a Brazilian to some of them, and you’d think you’d asked them to appear in Playboy magazine. How shall we break it to them gently that thousands of women have been getting it done for years, and they’re not gonna stop…despite what Gwyneth Paltrow says. You can steam your vagina as much as you like, but it won’t give you that smooth, sexy, clean feel for weeks on end.

To be fair, a good Brazilian wax isn’t a cheap hobby. Most girls start shaving when they reach puberty and waxing is something they consider when they start working and can afford it. Then, at the other end, you’ve got the 40 or 50 something women that have never been waxed before and are now are divorced and dating again, and let’s be honest, grey pubes are not a good look. Same goes for the guys actually.

Whether they’re shaving, using hair removal creams, or epilating, the results are pretty similar…itching and stubble. You can always tell a shaver, because the hair grows back nice and uniform, but their waxing can hurt like Hell unless they grow it out for three weeks. If they epilate, you’ll see their hair will grow in lots of different directions, and that’s because the hair has been pulled out in lots of different directions and usually broken at the surface. Removal creams can burn the skin and leave it sensitive for weeks, so they’re to be avoided.

Why does shaved hair grow back stubbly? Well, my theory is that as you shave across the skin, some of the hairs that you’ve just shaved, dive back just below the surface of the skin, so it’s actually hair that’s already been shaved that’s growing out, hence the stubble.

There’s a lot of confusion around what a true Brazilian really is. This is something that really bugs me, and something that I feel very passionate about. There are some amazing waxers in the U.K., but there also many salons offering a Brazilian wax, but you’re lucky if you end up with a high leg or at most, a G String. I’m a great believer in clients getting what they pay for, and never having to discuss body parts, so a price list for intimate waxing should be read like a menu in a restaurant, detailing every part that’s included in the wax style they’ve chosen.

Clients are very savvy these days, so they seek out a waxer that has good training and uses a good HOT wax - never strip wax when it comes to the intimate parts. Hot wax is very gentle on the skin, and they shouldn’t feel any soreness from the moment they get off the beauty couch.

A Brazilian wax is when every single hair is removed, including the butt crack, any noticeable hairs on the buttocks, the entire pubic mound, and the outer and inner labia. Actually, the inner labia doesn’t grow hair, so it’s the hair on the outer labia that’s turned in that’ll removed. It will include removing all of hair to about the width of a waxing strip from the crease of the leg downwards, but if your client has pubic hair growing further down, then remove it…but it’s not to be confused with leg hair. If they want to leave a landing strip on the pubic mound that’s fine, that’s just a Brazilian without a landing strip, also known as a Hollywood.

The whole process takes about 15mins, but I would allow half an hour to allow for any small extras they may want and for them to make their next appointment. Also, a shaver can take about 25mins to wax and and you’ll use twice as much wax while often tweezing as well which is all the more reason to set the ground rules.

Preparing for a Brazilian Wax. Let it grow, let it grow! It must be no less than 21 days from their last shave and no less that 28 days from their last wax. If it’s a couple of days less, it’ll be more work and more wax, and it will grow back sooner than the client would have expected. That’s why it’s always good to explain to the client what they should expect, and how to get the best results. Their part starts when they leave your waxing room.

Once a client gets into the waxing routine, they usually get a couple of weeks hair free, then on week three, the hair will start to grow back, and they’ll be ready to get waxed again four weeks later if they want to. They can of course leave it as long as they like, but they’ll find it more comfortable if they don’t leave it too long.

Aftercare. Clients need to do their bit, because waxing is a two way street. A couple of days after their wax, they need to start gentle exfoliating with a body brush. So just before they step into the show, when their skin and the brush is dry, gently brush the waxed area. When they get out of the shower and dry, apply any kind of moister lotion or oil, to keep the skin soft and to allow the hairs to grow through. Remind them that they should lay off the gym and sunbed for 24hrs.

Will it hurt? The truth is that there is no such thing as pain free waxing or pain free wax, so run a mile if anyone promises you that. However, a good waxer and a great wax will make the experience as close to non-memorable as possible. Most clients just lay there chatting away without a flinch.

Certain things can make waxing painful, and that could be anything from being due on a period to if they’re feeling a bit on edge after a late night. They can always take a couple of pain killers 15mins before their appointment if they’re worried, but a lot of is mind over matter.

Waxing is addictive, and you’ll make some lovely and very interesting clients along the way. The most important thing is to find a good waxer that knows what they’re doing.