ASA Concludes Investigation Against Aesthetic Training Companies on Grounds of Inaccurate Marketing

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Due to a rise of the number of companies offering training in non-surgical aesthetics, the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has raised concerns over the 'vague and misleading representations of qualifications and pathways to practise within aesthetics by training companies'. JCCP has referred their concerns to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) leading to a sample investigation into three aesthetic training companies; Aesthetics Uni, Aesthetics Lounge Academy and Boss Babes Uni.

Upon the conclusion of the investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority, ASA has ruled against the training companies thereby addressing the rising problem in the aesthetic sector; that some education and training bodies were misrepresenting the basis of training programmes in terms of content, the nature and duration of training, qualifications obtained and whether the qualification obtained meets the standards required for admittance onto a PSA voluntary Professional Register.

It should be noted that the three companies forwarded to the ASA for review were only a small sample on the market. In all three cases the ASA have upheld the complaints and advised that the companies have misrepresented or withheld full and correct information for potential students to be enabled to make an informed decision before contractually entering the courses advertised.

This sets a precedent for the Council to continue to observe advertising practices, especially in hot-spots such as the North West of England which has been highlighted as a problem area with exaggerated and inaccurate forms of marketing in this manner, while also tackling the problem head on by referring any concerns to ASA.