Why the Beauty Supplement Market is Booming

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Beauty supplements are the combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrition and other bioactive ingredients which help in enhancing one's external outlook and appearance. These days we often hear from doctors and beauty therapists alike that we need some extra vitamin C, or D or Omega 3. The list of the supplements we require and are told are imperative grows longer, as we are told we cannot treat our skin merely from the inside.

The professionals are not wrong - treating acne, or dry skin with creams and masks is a surface treatment, and is more like treating the symptoms instead of treating the disease - in reality, we must treat the core of the problems. A healthy body leads to a healthy skin.

With this fundamental thought in mind, consumers are investing more into beauty supplements, along with he rising inclination of the male section towards their appearance is also expected to support the market growth of beauty supplements, with the expectations for the market to expand at a CAGR of 9.5% In 2015, Europe was observed as the largest consumer for beauty supplements.