St. Tropez Tackles Fake Tan Shaming with #YOUSETTHETONE Campaign

With 1 in 3 women being shamed for fake tanning in the UK and nearly half of women in the national survey admitting to judging women for wearing fake tan, St. Tropez has launched a campaign to tackle the stigmatisation of fake tan with the #YOUSETTHETONE Campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight that tanning is more about how you feel than how you look and is also a way to empower women to feel more confident. St.Tropez is pledging to give women the tools to feel confident, look glowing and make tan-shaming for bad application a thing of the past with a series of game-changing developments.

St. Tropez’s Global Marketing & Product Development Director, Jacqueline Burchell, said: “Results from our research lead us to create a campaign which addresses some of the issues associated with tanning head-on, while being uplifting and celebrating confidence and individuality.” (57).jpg

Commenting on the results, philanthropist and charity founder, Katie Piper, who backs the campaign added: “The survey findings show that us that women need to be supporting and celebrating of each other and find ways to improve our self-esteem and, ultimately, our mental wellbeing.”

Despite the stigma, St. Toprez also revealed 42% of UK women wear fake tan to feel more confident and look well.