Spa Hotel in Warrington Launches Beauty Bank Donations (21).jpg

Running with the theme of National Spa Week, Park Royal Hotel in Stretton has launched a beauty bank to gather donations for disadvantaged families in return for a 40% off treatment voucher.

For their beauty bank, the hotel & spa is collecting any unused, unopened beauty product donations which will be delivered to Warrington Foodbank at the end of the month, any beauty products are valuable. For health and safety reasons, donations of beauty products where the packaging is damaged, seals are broken, or the products are out of date will not be accepted.

Annie Brown, general manager of The Park Royal, said: “We have made festive food donations to Warrington foodbank in the past and we realised there was more we could do. So, in honour of national spa week, we’ve chosen to launch our very first Beauty Bank collection. We’re calling for staff and customers to drop off donations of beauty essentials like shampoo and deodorant – even one item would help make a difference."

“The foodbank supports so many people and families who are in real crisis and might otherwise go without essential products that we often take for granted.”