Live Insect Manicure - Art or Animal Cruelty?

A salon renowned for it's quirky and original nails in Russia has come under fire for "animal cruelty" after embedding live ants into a manicure so that they can be seen running around in the nails.

Comments on left on the video have been ones of outrage, as users fight for animal rights;

@heloliveriia said "What's wrng with you guys?????? Doesn't matter the size of the animal, it's an animal!!!"

@maimounadcr said "That's so freaking sad how much, humans don't respect animals anymore".

Others have defended the nail artist who in a subsequent video showed the ants were unharmed in the making of the video (released after being trapped in the nails), and argued that we are often all too eager to kill ants with bug spray.

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