Introduce the Rainbow Reverse French into your Salon (24).jpg

Introduce the Rainbow Reverse French into your salon; a summer inspired twist on the classic. Follow the step by step guide for using GELLUX from Salon System nail expert Julie Anne.

Step 1

Prepare the nails. File to shape and push back cuticles and buff nail plate. Cleanse nails with GELLUX Profile Prep + Wipe.

Step 2

Apply GELLUX Fast Bond to nails and let dry. Apply GELLUX Easy Off Base Coat, and cure.

Step 3

Apply two layers of GELLUX Slumber Party, curing between each coat.

Step 4

Using a medium liner brush, paint a line at the cuticle area using GELLUX Sugar Addiction, GELLUX Boy Trouble, GELLUX BFF and GELLUX Gossip Girl, and cure.

Step 5

Apply GELLUX Shiny Topcoat, and cure

Wipe with GELLUX Prep&Wipe and apply GELLUX Nail & Cuticle Oil. (36).jpg (37).jpg