Is Your Business Targeting The Industry's Biggest Beauty Spenders?

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A.S. Watson’s latest research has revealed that Generation Z are the industry’s biggest spenders globally.

The health and beauty retailer found that on average 86% of its Gen Z shoppers were beauty shoppers in 2019, with over 70% of their spend going towards beauty products – the highest among all generations.

Generation Z are those born between 1996 and 2010 characterised as authentic, pragmatic and unique. To entice the Gen Z shopper, it’s important to offer an experience alongside a story, with Destination stores being a popular choice. Pop ups are often experiences that may also enthral the Generation Z shopper.

Furthermore, although Generation Z shoppers often use the internet and their phones to learn further about the products they are investing in - they prefer a hands on approach with 99% of Gen Z shoppers preferring to shop offline. This combination approach often leads to a well informed Generation Z buyer who may use their phones to read reviews and get feedback while browsing in store.

One of the key ways to attract Generation Z shoppers is through influencer marketing. As Generation Z buyers enjoy authenticity - brands that are attainable and not overly polished as well as products originating from a trusted source are bound to win Generation Z over. This can be done through inviting an influencer to your salon and spa and offering a treatment which shows before and after effects - an honest approach to the generation that is less likely to trust companies than millennials is the best approach. Likewise for brands, it would include the influencer showing real and visible effects of products.