First Aid for Sun Damaged Hair


Brits love the sunshine, and whether they’ve made the most of the sunny days at home or been basking in the heat abroad, their hair will have suffered and be in need of some TLC. Darcie Harvey, advanced stylist at Brooks & Brooks, London, advises on how to care for hair after a summer holiday.

What sun does to our hair

It’s easy to forget that hair needs protecting from the sun as much as our skin. Sunlight damages hair proteins and pigment, leaving it weaker and duller looking. Strong sun will also extract moisture from the hair, leaving it dry and frizzy.

Most clients will be returning from their summer breaks now, but for those heading off to sunnier climates for a late holiday, or spending days in the September sun, there is plenty they can do to protect their hair.

While they’re home and away

1 Recommend they use a shampoo and conditioner which offers UV protection. Using these daily will help maintain shine and colour. Just as we protect our skin, we should also protect our hair.

2 Recommend a leave-in conditioner containing coconut water. This ingredient is great for purifying the hair of agents that will dry it out, including chlorine, salt water and sand.

3 Advise them to keep hair covered whenever possible to offer extra protection from the sun. To avoid hat hair, a silk scarf is the perfect alternative and won’t create static.

When they get home

1 Make sure they are booked in for a post-holiday pampering session.

2 Have a post-holiday consultation and put together a plan to get hair ready for the new season. AW19 is all about investing in their hair and looking for a more glam approach to hair rather than the undone styling we have seen this year. So they need to prepare and condition their hair ready for their new looks.

3 An intense conditioning treatment is the perfect solution for ridding hair of any nasties it may have picked up while away, including salt and chlorine. A strengthening treatment will work to strengthen the protein bonds in the hair, correcting any damage caused by the sun and leaves hair stronger and healthier.

4 Give the hair a trim to rid it of any split ends caused by excessive heat and dryness, for a healthy-looking finish.

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