Facts and Myths about Eyelash Extensions

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1. Lash extensions damage the natural lashes


A well-trained beauty therapist doing eyelash extensions is well aware that the effect primarily depends on the condition of the natural lashes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a solution appropriate for the thickness and length of a client’s eyelashes. An extended lash falls out naturally along with the natural one when it is in the right phase. Some cosmetics, as well as protective preparations, additionally protect and nourish the natural lash – the stronger and more beautiful the natural lashes are, the more spectacular the lash extension treatment will look.

2. All glues are the same


There are a few types of glues (with different properties), just like there are many models of cars. Unfortunately, some glues are imported from Asia and they do not have the required certificates, and have also not undergone laboratory testing. On the other hand, we have high-quality glues which are safe in use and very durable (they allow to wet the face as early as two hours after the procedure).

3. Special products need to be used after the treatment


When wearing lash extensions, one needs to say goodbye to cosmetics which contain oils, such as: make-up removers, eye creams, waterproof mascaras. Unfortunately, oil is the ultimate enemy of glue, which is why you need to use professional cosmetics designed to protect and strengthen the natural lashes

4. The effects can last more than a month


The effect can last over a month provided that the treatment was performed with high-quality products, and that afterwards, the client uses appropriate skincare at home. Using the right cosmetics every day can increase the durability of the results by over a week. Depending on the glue applied, as well as the condition of the natural lashes, the effect can last from 3 to 6 weeks.

5. Wearing extended lashes causes discomfort


If the procedure is performed correctly, the client will hardly feel that they are wearing elongated eyelashes, and thus will not experience any discomfort.. Some false lashes are so flexible, delicate and light that they almost feel like natural lashes.

6. 48 hours need to pass before doing make up

True and false

The accuracy of this claim depends on the quality of the products used. Most glues require 48 or even 72 hours before it is possible to wet the face. However, there are glues on the market which allow the application of makeup, and the use of saunas and showers, as early as 2 hours after the treatment.

7. It is possible to use mascara on extended lashes


Most mascaras available on the market contain ingredients that may alter the properties of the glue and cause the extended lashes to fall out. Waterproof mascaras or cosmetics should also not be used, as they require oil- based make up removers.

However, there are special mascaras that are designed especially for use on extended lashes. allowing the user to change their appearance depending on mood or occasion.

8. All extended lashes look similar


Depending on the desired effect (natural, sophisticated, glamour) and on the client, the beauty therapist chooses the proper type of lashes, their shape and the length of extensions. The market offers a wide choice of lashes, achieving a variety of different results, fully catering to the needs of the customer.

9. Extended lashes require the avoidance of baths


Extended lashes are usually resistant to water and maintain their original shape, even after a long bath.

10. Lash extensions require complex care


Caring for extended lashes is not complicated. It is enough to choose the appropriate cosmetic for removing make up and use a revitalising preparation in the evening to nourish the lashes. In the day, use a protective cosmetic, it will keep moist and dirt away from the lashes.