Discover LINNÆAN, London's New Wellness Concept


Linnaean invites guests to experience ‘living evolved’ by offering a complete, curated retreat for the busy urbanite, unveiling the latest developments in hair and beauty, relaxation and self-care. With an emphasis on exploring the undiscovered, Linnaean showcases a treatment area incorporating wellness, hair and aesthetic offerings, alongside a holistic lifestyle concept comprising café, restaurant and shop.

With a vision set to redefine the traditional beauty space, Linnaean provides advanced bio-science beauty and high-spec beauty tech, alongside classic salon treatments. From hair health, grooming and beauty – to coffee, wine and cake – Linnaean presents a diverse and thoughtful edit of globally-sourced products and experiences.

The flagship space is located in Embassy Gardens, a central riverside development overlooking Chelsea and Pimlico, and has been designed to reflect the dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit of its emerging local community. Linnaean combines the benefits of urban connectivity and innovation, with a dedication to healthfulness and pleasure- seeking. A sustainably-led approach to wellness meets a stylish, contemporary retail design, to establish a welcoming environment to unwind, replenish and shop.

A note from the Founder, Elena Tayleur

“We set up Linnaean to help navigate modern living and promote health and happiness. Contemporary life is filled with negative as well as positive disruption. We go through constant changes that can herald both opportunity and overload. We help our guests to keep up, while keeping balanced.”

The store opens later this month, for more info visit or follow @linnaeanliving on instagram.