Augmented Reality Mirrors: The Future For Your Salon Is Here

Augmented Reality Smart Mirrors were part of our dreams of the future, but no longer thanks to the New Wella launch at CES 2019.

Coty unveiled the Wella Professionals augmented reality (AR) enabled Smart Mirror, which is powered by the award winning CareOS operating system. The mirror’s revolutionary technology enhances the hair color experience from consultation to aftercare with live AR hair color try on, facial recognition that enables the retrieval of past looks and 360° video capture to view the hair at every angle, among other services. It is featured at CES 2019 as part of the CareOS Artémis connected Smart Mirror, which was named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree.

The revolutionary Smart Mirror was co-created with Wella Professionals hair stylists and salon owners, based on research to identify the biggest opportunities for innovation in the hair salon experience. The survey of nearly 1,700 stylists and clients revealed that they desire more personalized consultations in the salon and better connections outside of the salon. The new technology can run on any connected device, including tablet or mobile phone, making it flexible and portable to be scaled at salons of all sizes. Laura Simpson, Coty Professional Beauty Chief Marketing Officer, said, “We are incredibly excited about this breakthrough innovation, allowing hair professionals, the original image and change makers in beauty, to take their consultation with their clients to the next level. With the new Wella Professionals Smart Mirror, clients can have an even more customized session with their stylist, visualize their desired color before application, as well as maintain the relationship and service after the salon visit. Co-developed with stylists, with this new tool we are enabling them to build stronger consultations and relationships with their clients, which is critical in our industry.”

Key features of the Smart Mirror, include: (1).gif
  • Live AR hair color try on that allows real-time visualization of color in the mirror during the consultation phase of a client’s salon visit;

  • Facial recognition technology that enables the retrieval of past looks and services, helping the stylist to better serve their client with a highly personal experience across several visits;

  • Curated feed of content, including trending and classic looks, to allow the client to browse for inspiration;

  • 360° video capture of the hair at every angle allowing for a better appreciation of the result, without the need to use another mirror. These images can also be shared on social media;

  • Connected mobile application, allowing stylists to stay in touch with their clients in between visits. Clients can also access the platform from anywhere to connect with their stylist, get product recommendations, personalized tips and trends or schedule their next appointment; and

  • Touchless technology that responds to swipe hand gestures enabling a seamless experience.