Are you using the UK's Most Popular Beauty Salon Name?

The name of your business is important. It sets the scene for your entire brand and is your opportunity to make a lasting impression. Therefore, it may seem surprising that many businesses share the same names in common.

 A study performed by Esme Loans analysed 27,323 registered hairdressing and beauty businesses in the UK, with the most popular names shown below. If you want to find your local ‘The Beauty Box’ try heading down to London where 27% of businesses share this name. Alternatively, you might find more luck in the North East and West of England where 39% of these businesses are found!


Whilst the most popular names appear to be quite conventional, the study also revealed that more ‘original’ business names were also shared. For example, 26 different businesses share the name Curl Up and Dye!

Shared business names are not limited to Hair and beauty, they are a common occurrence across sectors. The recycling of names is believed to be a strategic move, with a recent study revealing that 71% of consumers were more likely to buy a product, or choose a service, from a business name they recognised.

Are you using the UK's most popular beauty salon name?