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Today, when the competition in the nail industry is stronger than ever, you cannot allow anything to distract you from the road to success. Weather can be a pesky interrupter, but you can be ready for hot summer days. When the temperature exceeds 30◦, you shouldn’t only direct your attention to skin care and staying hydrated, but also to products in your workstation, which also get hot.

Turn on your AC, so we can begin.

A pleasantly cooled down work environment and a refreshing drink are a great start to a successful day. To assure better working conditions, it's imortnant to disinfect and clean the space, especially the surfaces on which you have direct contact with. When choosing furniture for your salon, keep in mind practicality, comfort, and easy upkeep which are important both to you and your clients. Using LED lights in your day to day work will help you keep the temperature at bay, and you also get to experience the maximum vibrancy and shine of colours on your nails and the whole space.

By following these tips, you give the impression of a professional who cares about the experience of their clients. They should feel comfortable and relaxed in your company and in your workspace environment. For this reason, choose your topics for discussion carefully, you do not want to cause an unpleasant situation, or to cause sweating of the client's hands, because this will hinder your work and your client can feel even more uncomfortable and self-conscious. Always advise your client not to use hand lotion before a nail appointment, because your greatest foe when it comes to binding the gel onto the natural nail is excess oil on the nail base. For this reason, it is best to tell clients to wash hands with soap and water and towel dry.

In our salon, we provide the simplest solution for skin and nail preparation before we even begin to work on the nails. I am talking about “Nail Prep” in the form of a spray, which you apply to your clients and your own hands. By doing this you achieve an adequate disinfection and dehydration. Following this simple procedure, we can begin.

We all know that nail gels get more liquidy as the temperature increases, and it is well know that control and manipulation of the gel is crucial to the whole process of nail creation. That is exactly why you should choose a builder gel of a thicker consistency, so you can secure the wanted C-curve on the nail, which clients love so much.

In this time of great inventions and expansions on the field of Gel Systems, we cannot allow for our supplies to fail us because of their shortcomings when we have the option to choose something which suits our needs perfectly in every moment. The blazing heat right time to use up all of those products that you keep at the bottom of your drawer, which you thought were too thick to use.

If you still find it hard to control the material because it slips to the cuticles, you can keep gels in the refrigerator before use to maintain viscosity. By doing this you prevent unwanted spreading of the gel in places you don’t want, which can be a real nightmare. And if this doesn’t work, you can always apply the gel in two layers instead of one.

Cool off with a drink, and we can move on.

I am sure you heard countless times “ Ow! This gel burns!” while the client cures the Builder Gel in the UV lamp. When the temperature is high, every gel releases heat, even those with non-heating formula. Because of this, it is important for the client to take out the hand and keep curing the gel in the sheer light. You can also use the low-heat setting on your UV-LED lamp. This setting lasts for 90 seconds, where the first 30 seconds are working at 1/3 capacity, the second 30 seconds are 2/3 capacity, and the last 30 seconds work at full capacity. With this, we make it possible for step by step curing, which will make the whole process easier for the client and yourself. Keep your brushes clean at all times, with the cap on because the sun can damage your tools.

Be generous with your ideas and let yourself enjoy the unlimited possibilities of designing with bright neon colours, which are the most sought-after every summer. But if you are out of ideas, feel free to visit our Instagram Page where I am sure all of you will find something which will inspire you.

I hope that my tips will help you feel confident in yourself and your skills and that you will go to make the best nails as of yet.