wax:one Ouch-Free Kit


Whoever said no pain, no gain clearly didn’t try the new wax:one Ouch-Free Waxing Kit.  If you want to wave goodbye to painful waxing treatments and ensure your clients enjoy the most comfortable waxing experience out there then this handy new kit contains everything you need to offer the cleanest, most precise ‘ouch-free’ waxing services!  

At the heart of wax:one is the delivery of a simple, highly effective system for hair removal using premium quality ingredients and proven formulas to achieve long lasting, super smooth results. The lower working temperature means a more comfortable experience for clients and less sensitivity and erythema post treatment. So, what are you waiting for?  

Kit Contents:

·       Hot Wax: A premium, rosin free hot wax with a refreshing scent of grapefruit and kiwi and a low working temperature ideal for delicate areas of the body, 800g 

·       Strip Wax: A premium, rosin free gel crème strip wax with the signature scent of grapefruit and kiwi, which glides effortlessly onto the skin and removes without leaving any sticky residue; ideal for leg, arm and chest waxing, 750g

·       Clean: A gentle pre-wax cleanser formulated with anti-bacterial tea tree essential oil to prepare the skin for waxing, 500ml

·       Smooth: An Aloe Vera and lavender pre and post wax oil for protecting the skin, 500ml

·       Care: A gentle, soothing gel-based solution to retail to clients for home care to help prevent and treat ingrown hairs, 200ml

·       Tweezers, Fresh wipes 75pk, Window Cling

Available now from Sweet Squared

wax:oneNatalia Kulak