/skin regimen/ Shave & Hydrate

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Empowering urbanites to face their busy days and counteract the effects of pollution and stress, /skin regimen/ has taken one step further with additional modern plant chemistry™ solutions. The /skin regimen/ launches introduce two new extensions focusing on the needs of male grooming and of multitaskers looking for a moment of stillness in their busy lives.

Male grooming sinks its roots in ancient times and - while /skin regimen/ has a strong genderless characterization - they believe men’s face and hair deserve special care. In particular, men’s skin tends to produce twice the amount of sebum and retains 30 to 40% less water compared to women’s skin. When it comes to shaving, which has become a sophisticated practice, the skin tends to react with irritation and dehydration. A better understanding of the male skin and hair has allowed them to develop more targeted and effective products to improve the shaving performance and reduce shaving- induced skin irritation. This new extension will introduce two brand-new products: a shaving gel to facilitate the gliding of the razor on the skin, and a moisturizing hydra- fluid to soothe the skin after shaving. To take another step further, /skin regimen/ have created a new aroma to accompany this new line extension. A 100% natural, functional and distinctive aroma that is energizing and reinvigorating, created from the /skin regimen/ signature aroma. The balancing notes of Cedarwood and Rosewood have been enriched by top notes of Fir Balsam and Black Pepper with a welcoming and purifying action, to normalize and energize the skin after shaving. A heart of Officinal and Clary Sage, connotes the aroma and infuses a functional soothing action.