Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Lengths and Mad About Curls Superfood!


Today, women want to embrace their unique personality and natural beauty and Schwarzkopf Professional understands that there is definitely no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to textured or long hair – It’s more than just a trend, it’s a way of living!

Salon clients and end-consumers alike are encouraged to be Mad About their natural hair and celebrate their individuality; whether they want to enhance their unique textures or strengthen their lengths, there is now a holistic Mad About care and styling regime suited to a variety of wave, curl, coil or length types.

Schwarzkopf Professional have created two brand new assortments within the Mad About range:

·       Mad About Curls Superfood, for naturally coily hair

·       Mad About Lengths, for long hair

The Aquarine Complex is what sets Mad About apart from other care and styling ranges. A combination of product-specific ingredients, intensively moisturises and strengthens the hair, whilst providing a care shield for touchable definition and protection against breakage and heat.

New Mad About Curls Superfood:

Understanding that type 4 curls (patterns 4A, 4B, 4C), more widely referred to as coils, need specialist care to quickly tame, hydrate and improve definition, Schwarzkopf Professional have created two Mad About Curls Superfood products; a Mask and a Leave-in Treatment enriched with blend of Superfood Oils (Coconut, Avocado, Castor and Grape Seed Oils).

The specialist blend of Superfood Oils and the existing Mad About Aquarine Complex work together to:

·       Deeply nourish and moisturise extremely dry curls

·       Tame frizz and improve combability for tight textures

·       Strengthen the hair structure

·       Minimise hair breakage and seal the cuticle

·       Improve definition and add shine

Although coily hair might look very dense and robust, it is actually the most fragile and dry texture type with the fewest cuticle layers – this is why it needs specialist care and attention.

Mad About Curls Superfood Assortment:

Mad About Curls Superfood Mask

A rich care treatment developed to deeply nourish coily hair. Formulated with a blend of Superfood Oils, it deeply replenishes, softens and hydrates within textured hair.

Mad About Curls Superfood Leave-In

A rich leave-in care treatment that works to balance the moisture level and maintain the definition of coily hair. The formula, with a blend of Superfood Oils, helps to intensively moisturise and strengthen weak textures.

New Mad About Lengths:

Many long hair salon clients often avoid routine salon visits for fear of losing too much length during their haircut. However, the key to beautiful, healthy-looking long hair is actually regular trims (which encourages growth), combined with bespoke, root-to-tip care and protective styling. Schwarzkopf Professional strive to promote long hair confidence – for both hairdressers and their clients – which is why the new Mad About Lengths assortment includes four new products, a Cleanser, a Serum, a Treatment and a Split Ends Fix that:

·       Weightlessly moisturise dry lengths and ends

·       Reduce hair breakage and strengthens long hair

·       Cleanser and serum activate tired hair follicles

·       Beautifies long healthy-shining hair

·       Seal split ends

·       Beautify and add shine

The new formulas, with Aquarine Complex and Biotin (within the Cleanser and Serum) reactive tired hair follicles and Length Maximising Tech, a technology that helps to reduce hair breakage and instantly seal split ends. The holistic care and styling regime encourages long hair health, for soft and supple lengths that won't require 'the big chop' at every salon visit.

New Mad About Lengths Assortment:

Mad About Lengths Root to Tip Cleanser

A sulfate-free* cleanser developed specifically for long hair. The weightlessly caring formula, with Biotin, helps to moisturise and strengthen dry lengths and ends, whilst activating the hair follicle.

Mad About Lengths Root Boosting Serum

A root strengthening gel that's applied directly to the scalp. Formulated with Biotin, it activates the hair follicle and helps to improve the moisture level.

Mad About Lengths Length Embracing Treatment

An intense care treatment, with Length Maximising Tech, that intensively nourishes dull lengths and ends to promote up to 95% less hair breakage.

Mad About Lengths Split Ends Fix

A dual-phase, leave-in spray, with Length Maximising Tech, that instantly seals split ends and nourishes dull lengths to improve shine and leave the hair soft to touch.

*free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate